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El Salvador

"Go then and make disciples of all the nations..." Matthew 28:19

We have just completed our first church in El Salvador in 2013 and support Pastor Marta Aguilar with a food program for the children every Sunday! Praise God for providing! We hope to see more churches built in Honduras and El Salvador and wherever God leads us in Central America. We have also partnered with Cathedral of Light Ministry in El Salvador to build more churches. Our next project there is building a church in gang territory and a new rehab center in San Salvador where men are being set free from drug addiction and serving God now.


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for donating the school supplies.

  • ACOCW Feed a Child  – Our first church in El Salvador is pastored by Marta Rivas Aguilar, a woman of God with a heart for the poor and hurting people. She began the church, with God’s leading and shepherds the people pouring out God’s love to them faithfully. She labors to feed the children herself every Sunday morning before Sunday school, because she noticed they were falling asleep and rubbing their bellies because they were in pain from hunger. It costs $160 a month to feed the children and provide additional food for some woman who have no support. We hope to see a larger food program develop in this church and there to be other programs to reach out to the poor and lost in this area of El Salvador. 

  • New Rehab Center – Pastor Rolando Salazar and his wife take care of 23 men to date at “One Living Hope” Rehabilitation Center in San Salvador. We had the honor of ministering there in September of 2014. It was very joyful to see the lives being changed through the grace and mercy of God through Jesus Christ in hearts of former addicts. The stories are amazing. God has delivered them from impossible situations; 80 year prison sentence, gangs, ministries lost, completely destroyed lives are being restored by the love of God. But It was very sad to see the conditions these poor men must live under, it was appalling! Our vision is to give these men a new place to begin a new life. We are searching for land or a new building that could be restored in a better location. Please pray for these men and this vision to be fulfilled. Cost: estimated at $15,000-$50,000 for land + building expenses.

  • New Church in Gang Territory – Gang 18 rules the side of the river where the church meets under a mango tree, only with their permission. We are believing for a church building on this land, but we first need to purchase the land and build the building. Two of the gang members received Jesus Christ as their Savior, when we were there in September 2014. We praise God that they have permission to go and preach the gospel there! We believe this will be a way out of gangs for all these young people and they will start a gang for JESUS!! The new church costs have not been calculated yet, but the property alone will cost approximately $6500.00. Please pray for God’s leading and provision for this new church.

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